Demonstrations of rememberance take place all over the UK.

SPLASH-IMAGE-LEE-RIGBY-4011415Following the death of Drummer Lee Rigby several gatherings have taken place to commemorate the life of the fallen soldier; who was brutally murdered at the hands of Muslim terrorists. This weekend saw what Hope not Hate described as “the biggest mobilization of the right in thirty years” Although many gatherings that took place were organized by local communities and supported by supporters from the wider political spectrum.

In London violence marred the BNP’s demonstration with riot police called in to restore orders as violent members of the Unite Against Fascism group attacked BNP supporters. The group had planned to lay wreaths at the cenotaph however a congregation of around 300 UAF supporters lined the streets to block there path.

One BNP supporter was attacked by a group of around twenty five the elderly supporter was trying to make his way through to the BNP demonstration to pay his respects when he was attacked. 58 supporters from the UAF group were later arrested with riot officers with dogs having to restore order.
BNP leader Nick Griffin told his assembled supporters that these attacks “will happen again and again until the West disengages with Islam and they leave our Country”

In Dagenham a small gathering of around 35 patriots passed off peacefully, prayers were said as wreaths were laid and candles lit. The crowd that gathered then proceeded to hold a minutes silence. The event organised by Dagenham EDL leader Diane Scrimshaw faced no opposition and she told the Barking and Dagenham Post following the meet she said “we are just paying our respects”.

Adding “We have been going on about extremism and the way that these people are getting radicalised.”

Similar demonstrations took place elsewhere in the country; on Friday a gathering took place featuring around two hundred patriots in the Leeds area. The event is said to have passed off peacefully despite UAF confronting mourners who wish to pay there respects.
In Brighton, a city known for left wing extremism, EDL members attended the war memorial earlier so to avoid any nasty confrontations and to pay there respects in peace. Where as in Sheffield patriots were stopped from paying there respects after UAF supports congregated at the cenotaph forming human chains and singing songs. Police tried to clear a way through twice so people could pay there respects but where prevented by the UAF supporters.

Reports suggest the UAF out numbered the EDL and they were small scuffles after bottles where thrown at the assembled group of mourners.  Video can be found here

Around a hundred people marched through hemel hempsted in another of the fifty planned memorial events. This event was opposed by the UAF once again but this time they were giving away cakes. No confirmation if they also wore part hats and had balloons but given it was a day of respect for a solider I’m sure many will find there so called party mood here disrespectful. Video and report from Hemel

Essex Police had to use forty officers in riot gear as UAF supporters blocked EDL supporters from paying there respects in Colchester. A police spokesman confirmed there had been minor incidents saying “Two arrests were made for public order offenses but apart from that, there were no major incidents.”

A silent walk with around 100 EDL member headed by deputy leader Kevin Carrol took place in Luton, Carrol read a poem he had wrote about the soldier as the group held a minutes silence and laid wreaths.  Demonstrations held in Peterborough, Leicester, Ipswich and Hartlepool all passed off peacefully as did many others across the country with many more expected to take place today.




Nick Griffin campaigning alongside the English Defence League’s Liam Wood for Justice for Charlene Downes. Liam is an avid campaigner of this cause.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been signalled out for abuse from some sections of the “right” due to my blog detailing the “Search for Charlene Downes”. Now unlike those with lesser minds who would use this opportunity to fire off insults abuse and unfounded rumours; I will not sink to those measures nor will I respond to any allegations made about myself. Instead I wish to use this space to appeal to the good nature of patriots all over this fine country.

Whatever we believe has happened to Charlene Downes, we must all agree that this issue has gone too far and has never been resolved. This is why, regardless of our beliefs, or our political standings, or even to which side of the political spectrum we stand on, we must campaign for a public enquiry into the disappearance of Charlene Downes.

This is why I am appealing to everyone who reads this, to help in my latest campaign. I want to see a full and proper, judicial lead, independent, investigation into the following:

*The Police investigation into the disappearance of Charlene Downes. The subsequent mishandling of documents, evidence and the investigation that followed.

*The Circumstances leading to the Disappearance of Charlene Downes.
*The Police, CPS and Courts handling of the failed murder trial of Charlene Downes.
*A full investigation into whether Social Services failed Charlene Downes.
*A full and proper investigation into whether the allegations made against the Downes family in official documents are true.
*An investigation into whether there is a problem with Muslim Grooming gangs in Blackpool and if there is then we would like to know why the police have failed to act to stop these gangs, regardless of whether Charlene was a victim of these

We hope that by achieving this we can finally find the truth behind the Charlene’s Disappearance as well as finally achieving justice for Charlene.

This is not about any political group trying to capitalise on this, this is about all of us uniting to finally discover the truth and assert change based on the wrongs of this case.

So what I’m suggesting is that you all take a moment to sign my petition. Once we have enough signatures, I will lobby politicians to bring this matter up in the House of Commons. We need not to derail our own campaign with what is regarded as right wing politics, we instead need to be united and work together.

I’m contactable on Facebook for those that wish to help.!/mistermagoo252


Street demonstrations etc have helped raise awareness and yes the British National Party have called for a public enquiry into Muslim grooming,  but now is the time to have what Stephen Lawrence had. A public inquiry for Charlene Downes.

So join me and my crusade to finally get the truth for Charlene and Justice for all those who have campaigned for her and help protect future generations ny making sure that every authority involved in this case is forced to make change and ensure this doesn’t happen again.

The petition can be found here:


We also suggest writing to your local Member of Parliament, detailing the aims of this campaign and your support. Only by working together can we achieve our aims and put this issue to bed once and for all and achieve unity within our ranks and finally allow Charlene’s memory to be put to rest once and for all.

This issue has gone on for nearly a decade unresolved it’s time for change.