The British Citizen Launched

cropped-pc120434web.jpg Welcome to the new news service for British patriots; The British Citizen. This blog was formerly known as Northern Monkey Media and was used to highlight the truth behind the Charlene Downes disappearance.

Now a few months later several things have happened that some patriots are unaware of or have missed due to information either been hard to source or largely unreported by the mainstream press. So I decided earlier this week to re-launch the blog as a kind of news service covering things that will appeal to those of us that lean to the right with our political standing. So a new name was found and a complete redesign and I hope you find the site informative, enlightening and at times entertaining.

The idea been instead of scouring the net every day to look for information and news which is relevant to you. You can now find it all in one place. We hope to list as much information as we can and we’ll do that hopefully with your help. You can send in information via my face book page. We also hope to keep you up to date with all the latest news and events from the many patriotic factions in this country whether they be street movements or political parties.

In time we will add video content and interviews as well as our own investigative journalism however as we are in our infancy we will take the baby steps of compiling reports of the news that matters to you. So please get involved by liking and sharing our page and why not join the debate by adding your own comments to our articles;  In time we’ll launch our discussion forum for you to use if you wish to extend the debate  and we’d also like to invite you to write your own articles for us to publish.

I look forward to providing you with this new resource and hope it can grow into a service we all use on a regular basis. So please feel free to send me your suggestions and ideas.

All the best