Demonstrations of rememberance take place all over the UK.

SPLASH-IMAGE-LEE-RIGBY-4011415Following the death of Drummer Lee Rigby several gatherings have taken place to commemorate the life of the fallen soldier; who was brutally murdered at the hands of Muslim terrorists. This weekend saw what Hope not Hate described as “the biggest mobilization of the right in thirty years” Although many gatherings that took place were organized by local communities and supported by supporters from the wider political spectrum.

In London violence marred the BNP’s demonstration with riot police called in to restore orders as violent members of the Unite Against Fascism group attacked BNP supporters. The group had planned to lay wreaths at the cenotaph however a congregation of around 300 UAF supporters lined the streets to block there path.

One BNP supporter was attacked by a group of around twenty five the elderly supporter was trying to make his way through to the BNP demonstration to pay his respects when he was attacked. 58 supporters from the UAF group were later arrested with riot officers with dogs having to restore order.
BNP leader Nick Griffin told his assembled supporters that these attacks “will happen again and again until the West disengages with Islam and they leave our Country”

In Dagenham a small gathering of around 35 patriots passed off peacefully, prayers were said as wreaths were laid and candles lit. The crowd that gathered then proceeded to hold a minutes silence. The event organised by Dagenham EDL leader Diane Scrimshaw faced no opposition and she told the Barking and Dagenham Post following the meet she said “we are just paying our respects”.

Adding “We have been going on about extremism and the way that these people are getting radicalised.”

Similar demonstrations took place elsewhere in the country; on Friday a gathering took place featuring around two hundred patriots in the Leeds area. The event is said to have passed off peacefully despite UAF confronting mourners who wish to pay there respects.
In Brighton, a city known for left wing extremism, EDL members attended the war memorial earlier so to avoid any nasty confrontations and to pay there respects in peace. Where as in Sheffield patriots were stopped from paying there respects after UAF supports congregated at the cenotaph forming human chains and singing songs. Police tried to clear a way through twice so people could pay there respects but where prevented by the UAF supporters.

Reports suggest the UAF out numbered the EDL and they were small scuffles after bottles where thrown at the assembled group of mourners.  Video can be found here

Around a hundred people marched through hemel hempsted in another of the fifty planned memorial events. This event was opposed by the UAF once again but this time they were giving away cakes. No confirmation if they also wore part hats and had balloons but given it was a day of respect for a solider I’m sure many will find there so called party mood here disrespectful. Video and report from Hemel

Essex Police had to use forty officers in riot gear as UAF supporters blocked EDL supporters from paying there respects in Colchester. A police spokesman confirmed there had been minor incidents saying “Two arrests were made for public order offenses but apart from that, there were no major incidents.”

A silent walk with around 100 EDL member headed by deputy leader Kevin Carrol took place in Luton, Carrol read a poem he had wrote about the soldier as the group held a minutes silence and laid wreaths.  Demonstrations held in Peterborough, Leicester, Ipswich and Hartlepool all passed off peacefully as did many others across the country with many more expected to take place today.


Search For The Truth – Charlene Downes

Missing School Girl Charlene Downes

Missing School Girl Charlene Downes

Charlene Downes, A name everyone knows and a girl whose long been associated with the “Body in Kebab” Story that i’m sure most of us have heard, read and been appalled at. If you haven’t heard the tragic story. It was alleged that Charlene, who was fourteen years old when she went missing, was groomed by Asian takeaway owners, who sexually abused and murdered her before disposing of her body in Kebab’s from there Blackpool takeaway then known as “Funny Boyz”.

The two owners an Iyadd Albertikki and Mohammed Raveshi were put on trial in 2007 after spending eighteen months on remand. The case centred on secret audio recording which allegedly feature the pair talking about disposing the body. They were found not guilty after the jury were unable to reach a verdict.

Later the Independant Police Complaints Commision rasied “grave doubts” to the CPS about the evidence, they also found that tapes implicating both men in the murder and disposal of the body were found to be “inaudible” and that transcripts of the audio were undertaken by “inexperienced and untrained” officers. For this reason, the retrial collapsed and all charges where dropped against the accused. Who were later compensated £250,000 each.

Following the IPCC report several police officers were disciplined with Det Sgt Jan Beasant found guilty of misconduct. Rumours suggest that Beasant had some past history with Mr Raveshi and used the case as a way to fit him up.

His superior, superintendent Simon Giles would later say that the police service “expects the highest professional standards from all our staff and the panel has found this individual’s conduct has fallen well short of these standards. This sort of behaviour and conduct lets everybody down – not just the police service but those the police serve.”

Beasant was forced to resign.

Missing Poster from time of disappearance

Missing Poster from time of disappearance

The tapes where recorded by an undercover informant called David Cassidy. According to the IPCC report Cassidy had heard Iyadd and his brother talking about the disposal of the body so the police decided to follow this line of enquiry and centred there investigation on the “heresy evidence”.The police decided to bug properties owned by the accused and placed a wire on David Cassidy  hoping “to catch a similar conversation” on tape.

Cassidy later admitted he may of been “mistaken” as to what he heard originally; which had now become the focus of the investigation. Equipment used to record conversation were subsequently found to not be  “functioning correctly”. At the court case although transcripts from tapes were provided the tapes were not, leading many to speculate about the evidence been faked. The IPCC Report also seems to suggest this is the case claiming that there was “no reference on the file to tapes or other recordings from which the transcripts had been prepared”.

The police suggest that this was due to the fact recordings where taken on a daily basis on a hard drive before been transcribed and the hard drive reused. Suggesting the tapes no longer “existed”. However this is in itself false as they were later sought by the legal representatives of Mr Raveshi, who attended the police station to be told the critical tape would not work as it was scratched again this was found to be a lie and when the defence pushed to be able to hear the tapes it was found that the transcripts where “inadequate and misleading”. This is the reason why the case fell apart and that the prosecution withdrawn its evidence.

Cassidys evidence was later slated in court and his “credibility and motives” were questioned. It has since come to light that David Cassidy has had business dealings with Raveshi and owed him money which was loaned to him. Cassidy is now believed to be living under police protection elsewhere.

No corpse has ever been found and Charlene Downes is still  missing presumed by many to be dead. There was questions raised at court as to whether Charlene had been sexually abused by the defendants, the young girl was believed to be operating as a prostitute in the seaside resort of Blackpool. Police documents also seem to suggest this with one claiming that she was paid “£25” for oral sex on one occasion.

A statement by a Robert James, a then forty year old man and friend of Rob Downes admits to “paying charlene to masturbate him”. He also recalls a conversation with Charlenes mother Karen Downes where he admits he “has feelings” for Charlene.

BNP Leader Nick Griffen who pushes the "Body in Kebab" story to push his political agenda against Muslims.

BNP Leader Nick Griffen who pushes the “Body in Kebab” story to push his political agenda against Muslims.

Charlene, who has been missing since 2003, is believed to the victim of grooming however unlike what Nick Griffin and British National Party like to have you believe, the grooming she suffered was at the hands of her father and his friends. In Police reports Northern Monkey Media has seen it says ” there are documented incidents and concerns that Robert Downes and his associates are responsible for the physical, mental and sexual abuse of his children. Robert Downes SNR admits his daughter was recently meeting men and receiving money from them”

The report goes onto say that Karen Downes admits that charlene could “get money whenever she needs it” It also says that robert downes “failed to act and protect his children from various types of abuse” it also states that sixteen men “with varying convictions from rape, assault and violence” have been allowed to stay out the house where the family lived on Buchanan Street in Blackpool. They have since relocated to George Street to house rumoured locally to have been bought by Nick Griffin on behalf of the family.

Another “friend” Adam West alleges that Mr Downes was fond of “watching his daughters have sex” with other men and two close friends of Charlene. Laura Burnett and Rachel Welsh also allege that Mr Downes had “raped” Charlene.

Another friend who stayed at the Downes household and another pedophile is alleged to have had sex with Charlene when she was just ten years old. Harry Gibson was seen by an environmental health officer to be “adjusting his flies” as a short skirted Charlene sat on the bed counting money.

Karen Downes

Karen Downes

The abuse she suffered in the family home wasn’t always sexual; sometimes it was violent too and  “social services files show that Charlene Downes alleged that her mother and father were beating her”

She attended health clinics with injuries on a regular basis and started to spend regular time away from the home staying with friends or hanging around arcades. Charlene developed a gambling addiction and her mother recalls a man giving her “money for the arcades” on occasion. Charlene started to miss school and requiring money to feed her addiction she was forced into the sex trade something she knew only too well from her time at home. Where beatings and sexual abuse happened to her and her sisters on an almoast regular basis.

She started to frequent the so-called “Paki” Alley, an infamous alley thats situated in the heart of Blackpool surrounded by adjacent takeaways. There are at least ten occasions known to us in which Charlene was known to have performed sexual acts in that alley.

The authorities at one time did try to intervene and place a care order on the family however before this could take place Robert Downes moved his family to Blackpool from the Coventry area, where the family would be placed on the “at risk” list upon arrival. The family had been previously investigated by the police after it emerged that a three year old Emma Downes (sister of charlene) had gone on unsupervised car rides with a convicted rapist and pedophile who was described as a regular visitor to the Downes coventry home.

Witnesses also allege that the mother and father on occasion witnessed this abuse of Emma and failed to act upon it and later the police would interview the girl who failed to make a full disclosure about such incidents however it is believe the then young girl was scared and failed to make an admission due to the fear of what her father might do to her, having already been the victim of his drunken beatings.

The Downes Children have been placed in care on a number of occasions but for whatever reason they always appear to return to the family home whether it be in Coventry or Blackpool. The authorities in this incidence appear to have tried there hardest to intervene however issues raised were generally “sorted by the family” making outside intervention almost impossible. Rape Charges were once brought against a family friend for the rape of Emma Downes however she failed to give evidence in court and the case collapsed.

Both Robert and Karen Downes had “knowledge of the abuse but failed to act” and at one time all three Downes girls told social service they didn’t want to go home because of there father.

Where Police believed Charlene Downes's body could be

Where Police believed Charlene Downes’s body could be a local area known for “dogging” making this case a little more sad.

It’s from here the story takes an even stranger twist with differing theories as to what actually happened to Charlene. They’re four main theories. The first been that she threatened to expose someone on the night she went missing. She threatened to go to the police and expose the situation she found herself in. The man she threatened Panic’d and lashed out stabbing her and killing her before disposing of her body. There is a belief that the man she threatened to expose was a man that she had developed feelings for which weren’t reciprocated another belief is that the man refused to pay out anymore money to Charlene.

Another theory is that Charlene fell pregnant and didn’t want her child to have to suffer in the same way she did. It is alleged she ran away to Brighton and “was scared” to return home. Her sister was heard in 2004 to say “Charlene will come home of her own accord” this fit’s in with this theory and its also alleged that a friend of Charlene’s has since received text messages from the girl. Although when questioned by police the friend denied this but local rumours suggest this information is widely known within the Downes home.

Our third theory, is that Charlene was in fear of her life and went to the police for support. It was at this point she was placed under witness protection and moved to another location in the middle of the night however the downfall to this, is that no charges have yet been brought against her family for the abuse she suffered.

The fourth and final theory is that Charlene, one of the girls known to be one of the “naughty girls” amongst the Asian sex scene in Blackpool was sold to the sex trade abroad by another local takeaway owner Chico. This was reported to the police although its unclear if any further action was taken from the documents we have received.

It’s clear from all the evidence obtained that Charlene was the victim of serious neglect and abuse. I hope she is alive and I hope she is well, she grew up in my hometown and would the same age as me today. I guess without a public enquiry the truth as to what actually happened on the fateful night will never be known and if she has been murdered like many presume, then the family need to be held account for there part in the systematic abuse she suffered as well as the neglect she recieved.

There is a well known Muslim pedophile ring operating in Blackpool, but Raveshi would appear to be an innocent bystander in all this and he has been targeted by a man that owed him a considerable amount of money and fitted up by the police who were under pressure to secure a prosecution and not allow the case to run and run.

Albertikki is a man feared by some in the Blackpool Underworld he has connections to the drug scene and his sexual behaviour has been brought into question on numerous occasions and he is alleged to have had sex with Charlene even though he denies never meeting her. There is no question that the man is evil when it comes to woman and recently served time in jail for an assault on a woman who “knocked him back”.

No matter what your politics, i’m sure we can all agree in this case there is a lot of wrong doing and that Charlene was let down not just by her family but of the public services there to intervene and protect vulnerable people like her. It’s why I hope one day we can have a full public enquiry and those people who let her down can be held to account. I also hope that people will stop using Charlene’s memory for there own gains. Whether it be furthering there own political agenda or making money from t’shirts.

Charlene was a human with her whole life ahead of her and people should remember that and not try profiteer from what could be her death. I tend to hope she’s still alive though even though it’s unlikely and lastly I appeal to her sisters to open the door to a full investigation by the police by opening up and been honest about the abuse you have suffered it’s the only way it can be stopped and you can be protected along with possibly your children in the future and Karen; there is no doubt you were once scared of Bob, but your not together anymore and he can’t hurt you so please do the right thing and help your girls and your family get justice something you campaign so tirelessly for.