I’m Liam Wood, I’m a 23 year old British born male originally from Blackpool. I currently reside in Brighton and have lived in Bristol and London and worked in many other of our towns and cities. I’m a former leader of the English Defence League however i stepped down from my role as an organiser for both the Blackpool and LGBT Division to concentrate on my bisuiness interests.

I’ve always had a keen interest in journalism and i used to report on football for my old website Tangerine-Planet.co.uk and on wrestling for TNA wrestling uk. However with my interest in politics growing as i’ve got older i’ve decided to give this blog ago following the issues of the british citizen and hoping to gighlight issues some of us may or may not know about.
It’s kind of a works in progress but we are aimed at those to the right of the political specturm so if that’s likely to offend you this website is probably not for you.

I hope to hear your feedback and if you wish to contribute then get in touch with me! You can find me on facebook here https://www.facebook.com/mistermagoo252


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